Piston Rod Predictor is a tool developed to compare resistance to buckling between different steel grades in piston rod applications. Most hydraulic cylinders are loaded in axial compression and the relevant failure mode is buckling. Higher strength imparts better resistance to buckling and offers the possibility to downsize rods, thereby reducing both weight and cost. Ovako manufactures a range of hard-chrome-plated or Nickel-chrome-plated ready-to-use bars and tubes, known as Cromax. In the Piston Rod Predictor, you can compare Cromax steel grades to most commonly used standard grades used in piston rod applications.

Piston Rod Predictor

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CROMAX grade

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For more info or questions, please contact us on info.cromax@ovako.com Disclaimer: The results from the calculations are for guidance and not guaranteed to be accurate. Continuous development of the guide is made to improve the calculation results.